what you can do...

With your personalized account on your Apple or Android device, as well as the ServiceKarma website, you can record where, when, how, and why you gave your time and energy to a project or cause. Need your community/service hours approved for your school, club or project? Want to print a copy of those hours for a transcript or resume? You have come to the right place. ServiceKarma also provides information on upcoming events and opportunities near you to volunteer your time and experience. Most importantly, you can share and reflect on your experience and how awe-inspiring you are, because if you won’t, we will!

Help yourself

ServiceKarma exists to provide a convenient way to track, record, and if need be, submit your community/service volunteer hours. Any person, organization, school or establishment can use ServiceKarma to promote and publicize an event , record the hours of the participants and confirm their contribution.

Vision Statement

ServiceKarma was founded on the belief that so much of what people do to help the planet and mankind goes unheralded. Every second, someone around the world is making a difference in someone elses life or saving a precious piece of our environment and that act generally goes undocumented. Just ask a student that is passionate about service learning how they feel about their efforts being reduced to a number on a transcript. That disheartening process ends today.


Scott Lewis has been a leader in educational service learning for over a decade. His passion and talent earned him numerous awards and recognitions including the National Teacher Service to Career Award in 2004. His vision to create software and a mobile app that allows users to manage their own service account came about out of necessity and inspired by people that truly do “change the world one hour at a time.”